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Update since last update:

My original goal was to get down to 135, then stop dieting so my weight stayed between 135 and 140.

But, as mentioned in my last post here, I had trouble getting below 145. What I ended up doing, is I just stopped dieting. And I stayed at 145. It was okay. I wasn't sad at myself, and I didn't feel like I needed to diet anymore, especially if it wasn't working.

But, when I came back from Gig Harbor and the Arabian Night, I was 148 in the morning. And that made me sad, as it's closer to 150 than to my goal-ish 140.

Something strange happened. Yesterday, I slept in, and then I had to shower and whatnot so I could go to Target and get interviewed. So I didn't have breakfast (I was going to have tea but I left it in the microwave.) Saul took me home on his lunch break (at four) and neither of us had eaten, so I made pork chops, fed him, ate one, he left, hooray.

And I thought to myself, as I had had nothing to eat all day except a pork chop, "wouldn't it be wacky if I cut carbs?" Because I am so very anti-atkins.

But, I do know people who swear by carb-cutting.

And, most of what it forces me to cut out is unhealthy stuff like cookies, brownies, cereal, white bread. All really processed, preservativey, and sweet.

Furthermore, I don't have to count calories.

So, for the next week (hopefully, if I fail then I'll just go back to calorie counting,) I will try out a "low carb" diet. I think that I'll miss sweets, but so far I've gotten to enjoy a turkey omelette, cheese, pork chops, chicken thighs, as well as a variety of vegetables.

If, at the end of the week, I don't feel like crap, and I've lost any weight (not counting the water weight one is supposed to lose in the first 2 days or so) I might continue to avoid sugar and flour.

If I do feel like crap, or am craving cake, I will just go back to counting calories.

Hopefully, either way, I'll actually get down to my goal this time.

EDIT: This went away. I got a cold and wanted cupcakes. I did lose lots of water weight quick though (3.5 lbs) so should i ever need to fit into a dress asap, there I am.
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