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Well my exercises are supposed to happen three times a week, On Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lately they only happen twice a week. All well I'll fix that. Michael and I shall start to exercise together as he has Physical Therapy Exercises to do. Although I dislike exercising in front of people, well, Michael doesn't count. He as suggested a couple stretches to add and we exercise together. Walking is to happen four times a week but I will increase that to daily eventually. Walking Includes Molly. The exercises are fairly low intensity but I'm just trying to be healthier not built. I need to type out my current exercise plan soon. I'll copy and paste it onto LJ when I do.
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'kay :) *hugs you btw*
And Amber will be happy to know that Exercising is done to "Rule Britania" "Scotland the Brave" or Flying Circus
Amber is happy to know that! :) :) :)
Yay for exercise and increased activity and whatnot!

I haven't been able to this week (well, I could have, but it would have been sad) as I'm sick.

But yay Poppy.