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Dinner, Weight

Mmm, mmm. I'm trying to get at least one green leafy vegetable every day (in addition to fruit, and today, carrot sticks.) So with 300 calories left at my disposal, and no greenery yet today, I grilled some stew beef with garlic salt, lemon pepper and some spicy seasoning and cut it into small pieces, and placed it on a big bowl of steamed brocolli. It's yummy. And most of it is vegetable, so it's about 290 calories total.

Anyway. I'm trying to stay at 1200 calories. Before, I was actually around 1100, which is really below what it should have been. 1200 was more like my limit, but I tended to have 1000-1150.

And then last week was spring break. The dieting went away completely.

I'm off to a good start again though. And I got up the courage to weigh myself while I was at Yimmy's, and (unless his scale is wacky) I'm actually about ten pounds lighter than I thought I was (still wear a size 13 though, said not having muscle.)

Anyway, that's where I am.

Oh, and with school starting again (and me being kind of sick of granola bars, but needing to eat throughout the day,) I've been thinking about snackery. Reduced Fat Cheezits are really salty, but 30 of them are about 135 calories (garlic parmesan ones are 30 for 175 cals, which isn't awful.) Saul also bought some individual cups of apple sauce which are about 80 calories.
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