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Tips And Whatnot

I figure this community can also be a good place to share and request tips and whatnot.

One (which has really been a part of my lifestyle for a long time, but I heed it more when I'm consciously trying to change) is to drink only water when I'm thirsty. That is, if I eat a cookie and I want I glass of milk, I drink a glass of water first and then the glass of milk. That way I don't drink as much milk, and I don't drink it as quickly. I do drink milk for its own sake, though, and take a multivitamin, so my bones stay healthy.

Also, I'm trying to buff up my arms and my bum specifically, so I try to do ten bicep curls or ten squats whenever I get up to get something to eat, or go to the bathroom, or whatever. Of course, that's only when I'm alone. I think I'd be embarassed to do it in front of Saul. I'm silly that way.

Yay. Does anyone else here have any ideas to make getting fit easier?
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