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07:48pm 19/09/2005
  We all know what wonderful exercise walking is. I've been trying to get at least a couple of miles almost every day for the past two weeks or so.

So today after work I bought a pedometer (it was only like six bucks.) It's pretty accurate, considering that I calibrated it according to the floor tiles at the mall (which are one foot square.) It said that my walk home from work was 3.21 miles, and mapquest.com says it's 3.13 miles. But the .08 miles is probably the distance from one end of the mall to the other.

Anyway, after I got home I went for another walk, which puts my distance for the day at 7.5 miles. I guess that means that my normal walks are about 4 miles.

Already, I can walk faster and longer than when I started, and not get tired. My legs love it. My weight has stayed the same (and I've been eating a lot,) so hopefully I'm gaining some muscle.

I guess my purpose posting this, is to remind people that a pedometer is a very inexpensive way to help you get some activity into your day. Seeing how far I've walked really motivates me more.
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02:28pm 06/07/2005
  Update since last update:
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EDIT: This went away. I got a cold and wanted cupcakes. I did lose lots of water weight quick though (3.5 lbs) so should i ever need to fit into a dress asap, there I am.
09:31am 26/05/2005
mood: annoyed
Arghhh! Numbers haven't changed for three weeks (counting Monday morning to Monday morning) and today it's two pounds higher. If I eat any less, I'll be below 1200. And I'm active, dammit.

*tears of frustration*

One slice of goodness, though, is Old Navy. I tried on a dress in size 12 and it was too big. So I tried it on in size 10 and it was still too big. But I think they might just be vanity-sized, because today I'm wearing a size 12 skirt and the waist is snug just below my navel. Anyway, it made me happy. Of course, I only bought flip-flops, but eh.
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Spices are wonderful! 
04:16pm 02/05/2005
mood: satisfied
There was some article I read somewhere (so helpful) about how using seasoning can decrease your use of sugar and salt. It might have been on ivillage but now I can't find it.

Anyway, it addressed how cinnamon and other such spices can make food seem sweeter, and garlic and such can replace salt. Salt can also replace fat, in my experience, though it's not quite good for you.

One thing I really like is to put a little bit of chicken boullion on my rice or noodles instead of butter. It adds sodium, but not much (if any) more than butter, and it's yummy.

Also good on rice is Zatarain's creole seasoning.
Low Carb interestingness 
01:56pm 17/04/2005
mood: amused
Argh. I've been sick for the last few days, so I haven't been exercising, and that makes me sad.

I did get a body fat scale at wal*mart (I didn't have any scale at all) about a week ago. I weigh 149, which is more than halfway towards my goal. Yay. I'm think I will exercise today, and see how it goes.

Yesterday Saul and I checked out the "free books" area below the library where I found a book called "Calories Don't Count" by a Dr. Herman Taller, copyright 1961.
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03:57pm 16/04/2005

Stretch it all- Lay on back tensing all over and stretching arms and legs as far as possible in every direction.
Stretch legs- Heel on box with leg and foot 90-degree to each other. Lean forward at hips. Hold for 10 sec. And switch.
Firm Shoulder and Breast- One end of Stretchy Band under foot, other in hand. Raise arm at 45- degrees from body. Repeat 10 times and switch.
Leg Lift- Lay on side with Stretchy Band around knee. Michael holding ends above knee. Slowly lift and lower leg. Repeat 10 times and switch.
Plank- Lay on floor face down. Rest on forearms and toes. Hold body parallel to floor. Keep shoulder blades together. Hold up to 1 min. & repeat.
Low Back Extension- On hands and knees, extend R Leg and L arm. Hold 5 sec. and Switch. Repeat 10.
2 min. jump rope
Side Plank- Lay on side w/ upper arm perpendicular to the floor. Hold body rigid at 5-degree angle to floor. Hold up to 1 min. and switch.
Superman- Lay on stomach, extending arms and legs. Lift and hold for 10 sec. Repeat 10.
2 min. jump rope
Side Lift- Lay on side w/ head on lower arm. Keep feet together and lift feet 3 in. from ground at hips. Hold 10 sec. Repeat 10. And switch.
Balance- Stand on one leg, extending other leg and both arms. Bend at waist with body parallel to floor. Hold up to 1 min. and switch.
2 min. jump rope

The Seven Gestures for Kum Nye

Legs crossed w/ pelvis higher than legs
Hands on knees no tension in hands, arms or shoulders
Neck is back and head forward
Spine balanced, not rigid
Eyes half open, focused on floor along nose
Mouth open, jaw relaxed
Tip of tongue touching palate. Let it curve.

At Bed

Breathe deeply and relax entire body while lying on back with hands on abdomen. Relax eyes and let mouth fall open slightly. Let tension slip away from forehead and scalp. Slowly sense every part of head relax, then let the feeling move down the back and sides of neck, followed by under chin and down throat. Next are shoulders, chest, arms and hands, belly, back, legs, feet and toes. Enjoy the sensation of tension melting away.
01:30pm 16/04/2005
mood: determined
Well my exercises are supposed to happen three times a week, On Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lately they only happen twice a week. All well I'll fix that. Michael and I shall start to exercise together as he has Physical Therapy Exercises to do. Although I dislike exercising in front of people, well, Michael doesn't count. He as suggested a couple stretches to add and we exercise together. Walking is to happen four times a week but I will increase that to daily eventually. Walking Includes Molly. The exercises are fairly low intensity but I'm just trying to be healthier not built. I need to type out my current exercise plan soon. I'll copy and paste it onto LJ when I do.
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02:02pm 08/04/2005
  I like http://www.ivillage.com
I'm going to be trying this out for awhile http://magazines.ivillage.com/marieclaire/print/0,,637051,00.html
I'll let you know how it works. if it works.
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Feeling Good 
04:19pm 05/04/2005
  I suddenly feel really good about myself. While I'm not yet where I want to be in terms of body fat and weight, my lifestyle is, by far, the healthiest it's ever been. I'm only improving. In fact, I didn't know that a serving of steamed vegetables is half a cup, so I'm actually eating four servings a day, drinking tons of water, and exercising nearly every day. I can't believe myself.

When I was in high school I was naturally thin. I ate crap, tons of it, and all the time. And I never exercised. I was like 135 pounds. I totally took that for granted, so I never had a healthy lifestyle until now.

I think that when I reach my goal (I don't even know what it is, but 140-145 and 25% body fat sounds nice) I will totally be able to keep this up indefinitely. It feels good to live healthily.
02:29pm 04/04/2005
  I've lost 4 pounds in the past 2 to 3 weeks (since I started eating more, and more regularly). Eating more to lose weight, go figure. I've been really bad about exercising though, so the thought occurs "If I'd been exercising too I might have lost 8!"
I've been wanting to eat more rice, and find a place that has rice vermicelli (instead of the thick rice noodles or bean threads), because rice vermicelli doesn't stick as bad. But...I eat meals with the family and russ's mom has a hearty dislike for rice. Meh, I'll figure something out. I miss a lot of the gluten free stuff my step mom made. it was yummy. but I'm very glad I'm not allergic to wheat the way my dad is. It would suck.
anyways. I ramble. sorry.
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More Filling (Healthy) TV Dinners. 
07:54pm 03/04/2005
  http://www.hungry-girl.com/ rates various healthy and not so healthy foods (I didn't know costco muffins were up to 1000 calories each!)

One idea I got from her is to add frozen vegetables to "bulk up" frozen dinners. I spend many evenings alone while Saul is at work, so TV dinners are my friend, but they can be reeeally skimpy (especially the "lean" ones.) I just added about a cup of brocolli to my Michelina's Lean Gourmet Shrimp Scampi and it's almost meal-sized now :-)
Dinner, Weight 
08:22pm 28/03/2005
mood: awake
Mmm, mmm. I'm trying to get at least one green leafy vegetable every day (in addition to fruit, and today, carrot sticks.) So with 300 calories left at my disposal, and no greenery yet today, I grilled some stew beef with garlic salt, lemon pepper and some spicy seasoning and cut it into small pieces, and placed it on a big bowl of steamed brocolli. It's yummy. And most of it is vegetable, so it's about 290 calories total.

Anyway. I'm trying to stay at 1200 calories. Before, I was actually around 1100, which is really below what it should have been. 1200 was more like my limit, but I tended to have 1000-1150.

And then last week was spring break. The dieting went away completely.

I'm off to a good start again though. And I got up the courage to weigh myself while I was at Yimmy's, and (unless his scale is wacky) I'm actually about ten pounds lighter than I thought I was (still wear a size 13 though, said not having muscle.)

Anyway, that's where I am.

Oh, and with school starting again (and me being kind of sick of granola bars, but needing to eat throughout the day,) I've been thinking about snackery. Reduced Fat Cheezits are really salty, but 30 of them are about 135 calories (garlic parmesan ones are 30 for 175 cals, which isn't awful.) Saul also bought some individual cups of apple sauce which are about 80 calories.
10:52am 23/03/2005
  Went to see the Dr. today. She said to keep up my Paxil for atleast a year. I am eating healthier. Sort of keeping up on my exercises. I've not been doing all of them but I am walking more than I had scheduled. Mostly at work though. I've dropped from 176 to 171 in the last month. I'd like to drop another 15 or so. mostly off the tummy. Feeling okay. Just alittle sleep and realy snuggly.  
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08:54pm 22/03/2005
  la. for the past 3 days I've sort of eaten breakfast :) meaning I ate before noon, and what's more, before ELEVEN. *nods* this makes me proud of myself.  
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10:59pm 19/03/2005
  Maybe I should make a check list like people who have to take medication sometimes. I just...forget to eat unless russ is there to remind me. and even then I forget. grr.  
09:58pm 19/03/2005
mood: sleepy
As I said in my regular entry, I'm a little sleepy and sick. I've never eaten much salt but even less so lately cause of the trying to eat healthy. Yea lots of homemade stuff, I gotten the "No Salt Added" tomato sauce for stuff ever since I found out they made it. Was kinda salt deficient tonight so i drank a little of the juice from the olives from dinner tonight and I feel better. I've been having lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Oddly enough that is actually what I've been craving. I did cave and have Taquitos and Chili the other day. Bad me. I'm drinking plenty of water. I'll find out if there has been any change in my weight on the 23rd. I have a Dr. appointment. I hereby declare my exercise schedule in effect as of the morning of Sunday, March the 20th!! I'll type out the schedule soon. For now, Smeg says it is sleepy time... but not really. Poor Smeg's brother and Smeg's brother's girlfriend. I'll turn on the radio in the livingroom and finish my alcohol now... G'night.
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Update sort of 
12:19pm 11/03/2005
  My face is getting thinner, but that's all for now. I don't like that I lose weight from the top down (face, neck, boobs first.) My stomach and hips have stayed the same. Of course, the actual dieting has only been going on for a week and a half. And fridays are free days, so less than that.

But it's going well. I eat more vegetables, as they're lower in calories. And I was faced with the tough decision of Two-pepperidge-farm-cookies or big-bowl-of-brocolli-and-cheese. And the brocolli won.

I still don't know how much I weigh, but no one is posting here, so I posted this nonsense. Yay.

Also, I'm convinced that I can see my biceps more (been using 8-pound dumbells,) but Saul says he can't see them at all. Pooh.
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12:03pm 25/02/2005
  Well I'm not doing anywhere near as well as Emily. I'm walking more at work, bitching less at work, using the stairs more often, crying less, eating a little better, and feeling more energetic. I've not been doing my exercises though. instead I've been spending at least one day each of the last few weekends carrying assorted items (including heavy ass nursing books) up three flights of stairs. and the occasional trip on tuesdays. so that is some exercise. my relaxation breathing is helping. but the Paxil is helping more than anything right now. Although the side effects are kind of irritating, but those should go away soon.  
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Tips And Whatnot 
07:14pm 24/02/2005
mood: curious
I figure this community can also be a good place to share and request tips and whatnot.

One (which has really been a part of my lifestyle for a long time, but I heed it more when I'm consciously trying to change) is to drink only water when I'm thirsty. That is, if I eat a cookie and I want I glass of milk, I drink a glass of water first and then the glass of milk. That way I don't drink as much milk, and I don't drink it as quickly. I do drink milk for its own sake, though, and take a multivitamin, so my bones stay healthy.

Also, I'm trying to buff up my arms and my bum specifically, so I try to do ten bicep curls or ten squats whenever I get up to get something to eat, or go to the bathroom, or whatever. Of course, that's only when I'm alone. I think I'd be embarassed to do it in front of Saul. I'm silly that way.

Yay. Does anyone else here have any ideas to make getting fit easier?
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soooo here goes again 
11:01am 19/02/2005
  Most of you have already seen/heard mention of this change I'm making. and I know this may not seem related, But I'm finding that they really are connected. I read an article recently saying It was found that the amount of medication needed to get the same effect can drop with regular exercise. I bring this up bacause I've been put on a new medication. "As with many medications, there can be side effects. Some of the side effects may include infection, nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, constipation, decreased appetite, dizziness, sweating, tremor, sexual side effects, injury, yawning, weakness, insomnia, abnormal vision or sleepiness." I know that sounds like alot, but it really isn't. the most common side effect (sleepiness) only occured in 2.5% of patients. I'll find out how it effects me over the next few days. I am proud of myself for taking better care of myself. I can't NOT be aware of how this may effect my health. for one, I should finally have more energy, I should finally feel more motivated since it will help me feel... how I really feel, not how my heredity/ chemistry dictates. But I will be able to expereince my own, honest to goodness, emotions. So it seems that my new med and exercise will go hand in hand in helping with my long term health. Yay for me!  
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